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One of my novellas which has been waiting at the wings to enter the world will finally be released as part of an anthology of novellas. Starlite Pulp Review will be putting it out as part of an experiment to release bigger stories and novels. My story, “Bet” appears in the latest collection by Starlite Pulp. Check the link on this page. This latest Starlite collection has an amazing table of contents, with some really great stories, all destined to become classics across several genres.

But before the novella’s release, my novel A Simmering Dissonance will be come out through A Slice of Anxiety Press. This is a new novel about political upheaval, an amnesiac hitman, a runaway pot farmer, trust fund terrorists, the black ops group sent to catch them all, and the two government agents with two different agendas traveling on their trail. This will be a little different than my other crime novels, but it will have the return of several characters from my last book, Cabrones Perros, including Nolin, Brent, and Rico Rodrigo.

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