Little Ones: All My Short Stories

This has been my year of short stories. For the longest time, my success was with my novels and novellas, but I always had an idea floating around or something I’d worked on that was not completed that wasn’t full length.

So this year is my year of the short story. I’m going to make list of the ones published in anthologies and soon to be published in the year 2024. As I write this I’m listening to The Flaming Lips Live at The Forum, 1/22/2003. Having seen P-Funk All Stars the previous night, I needed to readjust to where my head is today because that was a cosmic experience. The Lips always help. They were there with me at my lowest when I was trying to make it as an artist in East Atlanta Village (and failing miserably).

Anyway, here is the list of my short stories published this year (the first time in my writing career!). Most of these are found in various anthologies, alongside many great noir and crime writers. In fact, these anthologies are a great way to get introduced to these writers since now I’m a fan of all of them. One day I may compile my stories into a single book. In the meantime, look around. Find these books and introduce yourself to these small bursts of crime designed for quick consumption.

“Bet”, is about the two Atlanta strippers caught up between two gangs fighting over territory. I hope to have these two characters appear in other stories. “Bet” appears in Starlite Pulp Review #3. And as far as the other stories in that book go, there’s not a dud in the bunch.

“Bishop… He Everywhere”, will appear in the Bishop Rider anthology due out June 2024. This story is based on a preexisting character created by Beau Johnson, who’s sort of made a career for himself around this character, truly one of the greatest, most violent anti-heroes ever created. I didn’t know Canadians had it in them! Haha.

I’ve been invited to contribute to the Gutter Vomit Vol.2 anthology put out by Outcast Press, who’ve published both of my last books Perras Malas and Cabrones Perros. My story “Razorblade Pussy” is based on my character Zaven from Cabrones Perros. I am anticipating this release as well.

My writing group, The Subterraneans will release a four short story anthology to which I will contribute a short story. There will also be another anthology curated by Neda Aria that I will be submitting a short story to.

Anyway, that catches us up. Thanks for reading.

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